Thursday, August 21, 2014

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

(You may want to book mark this page as I will continue to update it with free Halloween crochet patterns.)

Have you started your Halloween crochet projects yet? You may want to get an early jump on things and begin them as we close out August and enter September. There's plenty of time to begin those Halloween home decor projects, costumes, hats, scarves, and just fun, spooky things to create. I've found a lot of free Halloween crochet patterns online over the years and I want to share those resources with you.

Additionally, Annie's has a nice collection of Halloween hats and scarves available on her website. These are perfect for those who live in areas where Halloween brings a crisp chill to the air. We don't experience too much cool weather in October here in Florida.

(UPDATE: The Hats and Scarves featured in the photos below are out of stock at Annie's. Give me some time and I will hunt them down and do my best to find some alternative pattern sources for them. Sorry, but these aren't available in the links. I will keep the links up in case they put them back up, but if I find other sources, I'll change the links. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Halloween Hat and Scarves

Halloween: Witch Hat Scarf

Halloween Cyclops Hat and Scarf

Halloween Pumpkin Hat and Scarf

Halloween Ghost Hat and Scarf

Some of the free Halloween crochet patterns available include but are not limited to the following:

  • Witches
Witch's Hat Dishcloth
Whimsical Witch-Hat
Wanda the Witch Amigurumi
Witchy Lily
Witch Fingerpuppet

Great free Witch and Shawl crochet pattern from Red Heart!
Free Pattern: Crochet Witch Hat and Shawl

(I'm not sure why they worked this in pink, orange, and blue. Black and orange is perfect for Halloween. Switch out the colors and you have an instant costume!)

  • Bats
Bat Bag

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