Hi. I just wanted to take a moment and welcome you to my blog.  Crochet is a wonderful hobby, that not only is pleasurable, relaxing, and a great way to reduce stress and tension, but is also fun.  You'll find this site offers something for everyone. Whether a novice, intermediate, or advanced there are free crochet patterns and tips available for everyone's skill.

The Internet offers a host of free crochet patterns and I enjoy finding and sharing them with others. You'll also notice links to the site Free-Crochet.com on the site. Those who've been online for a while may remember Annie's Attic Free Pattern of the Day. Well, Annie's website link changed to her daily free pattern. The patterns did not disappear. In fact, they are hosted at Free-Crochet.com. All you need to do is sign up for a free membership and you can download as many as you want. I share the daily free patterns from Free-Crochet.com as well as other high quality free crochet patterns that I come across.

Not only will you discover plenty of free crochet patterns to keep you busy, but you'll also discover the joy of crochet.  At first, you may feel frustrated as you begin to learn the proper way to hold the crochet hook, or as you work each stitch in an effort to gain uniform tension; however, you will find that practice makes perfect, and as long as you practice your crochet, the perfection will follow.  Never stress out over missed stitches, or uneven tension.  You are learning a new hobby and it will take a while to feel comfortable with your projects.  With practice, you'll soon discover that crocheting really isn't that difficult to learn. Like any new skill, the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Some of the free crochet patterns on this site include:

  • angels
  • crochet a blanket
  • cardigan sweaters
  • earrings
  • edges and edgings
  • embellishments
  • crochet for charity
  • flip flops
  • slippers
  • baby blankets   
  • gloves
  • bikinis
  • one piece bathing suit
  • animals
  • sexy clothes such as thongs, bras, and lingerie
  • scarves
  • handbags
  • ipod cover
  • jacket
  • jewellery
  • joining squares
  • crochet graphs
  • letters
  • loop stitch
  • vests
  • v stitch
  • necklace
  • napkin rings
  • crochet on a roll
  • purse
  • pillows
  • quilts
  • rug
  • roses
  • crochet rules
  • crochet stitches
  • squares
  • free crochet tutorial
  • crochet techniques
  • underwear
  • video tutorial
  • tablecloths
  • granny squares
  • kerchiefs
  • hats
  • potholders
  • leg warmers
  • motifs
  • ponchos
  • shawls
  • afghans
  • baby clothes
  • booties
  • skirts
  • children's toys
  • clothes for Barbie
  • hair accessories
  • headbands
  • scrunchies (hair ties)
  • doilies
  • dishcloths
  • dog clothes
  • dog sweaters
  • bibs
  • baskets
  • kitchen accessories
  • decorative pillows
  • bookmarks
  • rugs
  • belts
  • jewelry
  • necklaces
  • chokers
  • pocket books
  • and much more

At Free Crochet Patterns and Tips, you will also discover the beauty and elegance of classic vintage crochet patterns.  Vintage crochet patterns are patterns that were published roughly before 1940.  Many of these patterns are in the public domain and may be readily copied and shared freely. 

    Free Crochet Patterns and Tips offers

     vintage crochet patterns available for you to download, and gives you clear instructions on making any changes necessary to make a vintage crochet pattern modernized.

    Don't worry- there isn't that much to change with a vintage crochet pattern.  Mostly, it is just the terminology that has changed, the art of crochet (the basic technique that makes each crochet stitch unique) has undergone very little change.  So consider vintage crochet patterns a beautiful gift from generations past to you.

    Vintage crochet patterns bring a glimpse of time past into our modern day world.  It is said that nothing ever really goes out of style, and you will soon discover that this couldn't be more true, especially when it comes to the craft of crochet.

    Also, there are so many free crochet patterns available on the Internet, that it isn't a wonder that the whole world hasn't taken up this awesome hobby.  You will find many free crochet patterns on this site, including free crochet patterns for women, free crochet patterns for men, baby patterns including baby blankets and afghans and so much more.

    I will also be adding some of my favorite patterns as well as ones that I designed myself. If you ever think of something you would like to crochet,trust me, there are free crochet patterns available for you to find. 

    If you've never purchased yarn or browsed the craft section of your local department store, you may be surprised to discover that you can find free crochet patterns in the yarn section.  These leaflets are often positioned by the yarn and give you a pattern and recommendation for using a specific yarn, as well as crochet hook size. You can always browse various companies that provide these free leaflets in stores online, and download these free leaflets as well.

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