Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern of the Day: Pioneer Becky Doll

Today's free pattern of the day is a wonderful doll called "Pioneer Becky." If you are looking for a special crochet pattern in the toys category that perfect for a young girl, you will want to get this one. Best of all, the pattern is for beginners and everyone can make this doll.

Our daily free patterns come from the Free-Crochet site. You do have to sign up for a membership to access the daily patterns, but it is free of charge. The patterns are from Annie's Attic, which has always been one of my favorite crochet (and other needle crafts) sites.

Check out the photo of the Pioneer Becky Doll and don't miss out on this great free pattern!

Free Pattern: Pioneer Becky Doll

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