Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern Book: Crochet scarves, booties, and afghans for fall

Lion Brand Yarns released a wonderful free crochet pattern book. Included are 15 crochet patterns for scarves, booties, afghans, shrugs, pillows, and cardigans perfect for fall. Okay, so it's August in Florida and will be over 100 degrees today, but fall is right around the corner. It's never to early to begin those seasonal crochet projects! We want to ensure that we're ready when the cooler weather comes. We have holidays like Labor Day and Halloween coming up, and we know how quickly consumer focus shifts to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trust me, August is the perfect time to begin crocheting scarves, hats, and afghans that will keep you warm when the night breeze brings a chill to the air.

The Two Color Fur Striped Crochet Scar is a fun and whimsical fashion accessory that adds a bit of warmth. I've enjoyed working with Lion Brand's Fun Fur Yarn. If you haven't used these yet, you're in for a treat. They are very forgiving (perfect for beginning crochet projects) and really make a beautiful furry look. I
 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns
created a set for my daughter when she was 5-years-old that included a hat, scarf, poncho, skirt, and matching purse. She simply adores the set and feels as if she's wearing something luxurious! While this is a Fun Fur scar pattern, it is the perfect introduction to using this yarn and seeing how much it offers.
Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarns on Sale Now Definitely check out the yarn, just to get a look at the vibrant colors available. The scarf pattern calls for champagne and orange, but you can choose any color you prefer. My personal preferences lead me towards Purpletini, Neon Lemon, Cobalt, and Flamingo.

Another project included in the free crochet pattern book that I like is the crocheted clutch. This pattern uses Vanna White's yarn "Vanna's Sequins" and is a very nice design. Personally, I would choose different colors for the project than those in the photo. Color Options for Vanna's Sequins Yarn
are plentiful and I like the Sterling, Merlot, and Midnight combination. I would also like to crochet this clutch in Ruby. Many of these shimmery, glittery yarns are available in tones that complement any outfit you are wearing. You could easily take this clutch from the restaurant to the opera house!

I think the Posy Baby Booties are perfect for St. Patrick's Day
Now, the Posy Baby Booties are set for fall, but I think these are absolutely perfect for St. Patrick's Day! They are crafted in Vanna's Baby yarn, though they have the look of a heavy worsted. They are warm, comfy, and soft. I'd still take them out in March though.

What may be the most adorable pattern in this book is the crochet Cowboy Booties pattern. These are worked in neutral honey and beige tones, but you could really glam these up by switching the yarn color. A pair for a baby girl who's wearing a denim outfit could be worked in black and a contrasting color (white,
Free Crochet Cowboy Booties Pattern
red, purple or silver) or make them ultra feminine in pink and white. The pattern is simply adorable and I think these crochet cowboy booties will be a big hit for anyone who makes them. There are more patterns in the free crochet book for you to check out. I shared with you my favorites, but if I had to pick one pattern above all, I'd have to say it's the Cowboy Booties. By altering the color pattern, you can whip these up in no time and have the perfect fashion accessory for both boys and girls!

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