Sunday, September 07, 2008

Skirt and Shrug by Charisse Van Horn

Here is a picture of my daughter in a pink and black crochet skirt and shrug that I designed. I really enjoy making crochet skirts. They are easy to whip up, and with a few simple embellishments you can also convert ponchos into skirts. Some of the crochet skirts I design could very easily be used as ponchos. However, I don't tend to use crochet skirts as ponchos because I love to add fringe and beads to ponchos.

I don't write down patterns, I really should but I am simply too much of a multi tasker (at this stage in my life) and tend to try to crochet as fast and as quickly as I can. I work from home and have two toddlers. Yet, I seem to be able to keep my patterns all in my mind, so that's cool.

When I was younger, I read a book called the Woodstock Craftsman's Manual by Jean Young. The book was a true inspiration to me in regards of breaking away from patterns and letting your own creativity come forth when crafting- no matter what the style. I had once met a woman who made those neat little friendship bracelets, but hers where much more detailed than the four or six strands of woven embroidery floss. When I asked her for some tips, she told me that whatever she feels like doing, she does. She just always makes sure she does it on both sides. After making a series of my own really wild, and intricately designed friendship bracelets, I was hooked on her theory.

So, today, I pretty much use the same philosophy in my skirts. I always start my skirts the same way- with a waistband that I will add buttons to. Here is a picture of one of my skirt waistband's in progress. I like this technique as it is easy to adjust the waist band should the wearer gain or lose weight. :-)

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Halloween Crochet Patterns

Halloween is right around the corner and many are getting ready to start on their Halloween crochet patterns. Whether making stuffed candy corns, ghosts, or crocheted pumpkins, there are a number of projects that are perfect for the occasion. Here are some great projects that you can make to decorate your home with.

Halloween Free Patterns Pumpkin Black Cat Witch Ghost Bat Skulls ...

Looking for Halloween theme free patterns? Where to find free crochet patterns on the Web, as well as links to some other types of free craft patterns

There are some great patterns here: both knit and crochet:

thimble » Halloween knit and crochet patterns

Crochet Treat Bag. 7. Small knit pumpkin. 8. Knitted pumpkin bag at MagKnits. 9. Amigurumi Halloween Patterns at Etsy. Posted: October 24th, 2006

Suite 101 has several niche patterns, perfect for Halloween:

Halloween Crochet Patterns—Free & Easy: Crocheted Black Cat ...

These easy Halloween patterns are fun, festive, and whimsical. Make them for the special Trick-or-Treaters in your life. Crochet a ghost, black cat

Here are some great patterns from a variety of sources.