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Craft and Crochet Articles and Patterns

  • Candle Making Supplies

    If you are looking for candle making supplies, there are plenty of reputable ones on the web. We have been working with online candle making suppliers for years and have found most to be pretty good, although we do have our favorites.

  • Coin Shooting Bleachers at Schools, Sports Parks

    We have found some nice coins coin shooting under old school stadium bleachers. If you have schools in your location that are 50 years old or more there could be treasure of coins hiding under them. If you have lived in the area for sometime, you have a good idea of the age of the schools, churches there. If not you need to do some research and find someone who has lived in the area for awhile.

  • A Soggy, Foggy Bird Walk

    Birding in the rain enhances the forest experience. Bird behavior is interesting, when it's wet and drizzly. Tips on listenting to and identifying birds by song.

  • Down-Home "Secrets" of Choosing the Perfect Quilting Fabric

    Ever considered all the factors involved in choosing the ideal quilting fabric for your project? This article gets into some of the down-home secrets for making the right choice, including color, quality, and proper use.

  • A Surprising Look At Wool And Its Many Versatile Uses

    Think wool is boring? Think again. Because of its wide variety of uses, wool is one of the most exciting and versatile fabrics around. Here are some ways it has been used in the past and continues to be a part of the "fabric of life" around the world today.

  • Baby Handprint & Footprint Crafting Ideas Make Fantastic Personalized Gifts

    These days more and more people are looking for personalized gifts to give that someone special, no longer content with the mass produced junk, thrust at us with every piece of junk mail, catalogue or advert. Today people want to give gifts that have a little of them attached to it. A gift that will invoke fond memories, thoughts of happy times. Now there is nothing more personal and thought provoking than a perfect 3 dimensional replica of a baby handprint footprint casting.

  • An Early History of Knitting

    Knitting is something we are all familiar with, but surprisingly we know little about when and where the art of hand knitting started. This is because yarn fibers are biodegradable. One thing we do know is that the oldest form of knitting (crossed knitting) was practiced since before the birth of Christ. The kind of knitting that we are used to was not practiced till quite recently, however.

  • People Collect The Strangest Things

    Why do people collect some of the things that they do? And how do they get them?

  • Santa's Helpers Really Easy & Fun Christmas Elvs

    What better festive holiday then Christmas? Some crafters are making decorations and handmade gifts as early as midsummer! Make a Holiday Santa Helper by using everyday products already in your home.

  • Finding the Best Quilting Pattern for You

    It's one thing to get into a project and concentrate on it - but oftentimes, the upfront decision of selecting the best quilting pattern can be mind numbing, as there are so many choices available. This article boils it down to a few key points and helps make the selection much more straightforward and clear.

  • How to Do Quilling with Paper

    Paper quilling is a fun and easy craft. Anyone can do this and you can learn within just a few minutes. It's inexpensive and beautiful.

  • Unique Gifts You Can Make at Home

    Tired of buying those same old tired gifts? Have you looked at the same old online stores and in those mega malls unable to find anything, new, exciting or inspiring? This article may broaden your gift giving horizons.

  • Quilting For Beginners

    If you've never quilted before, but have always longed to make your own quilt, read on. If you've ever seen a beautiful quilt, you might have thought about how amazing it would be to make one for yourself one day, or to even make one and give it to someone you love. But if you don't know how to quilt, it can seem like a daunting task to become a quilter.

  • The History Of Beekeeping

    No one really knows when the first time someone thought about collecting the honey from hives. We do know that the art of beekeeping has been around for a long time. Archaeologist have discovered cave drawings depicting collecting honey. These caves were found in Africa and Spain's eastern regions. Archaeologist believe that the cave drawings were created in 7000BC. Most of these pictures show people scooping honey out of rocks and trees but a few of them depict images of humans standing, unstung, in the midst of a swarms of bees. Scientist believe that these early cave dwellers somehow learned that smoke had an interesting affect on bees.

  • Starting Your Own Beekeeping Business

    Starting a beekeeping business may sound exciting and fun, but in all reality it's a lot of work and is time consuming. Most people who are in this are actually doing this as a hobby. Having a hobby and a livelihood are two entirely different areas since one is something you invest time and in some cases money and one is when you're trying to make a living at. Beekeeping is like farming you have to stay on top of the market demands and be technologically savvy because much of the business is going to depend on how fast you can produce a single product.

  • Packaging Your Honey

    Large beekeepers can not turn a profit if they limit their market to their local community. Beekeepers who have several colonies must be able to sell their product at larger grocery stores and supermarkets if they want to remain financially solvent.

  • Honey Bees

    Honey bees spend their entire life pollinating flowers and making honey. Bees use pollen that they gather from flowers to create honey that the bees use to feed themselves. Beekeepers are responsible for removing the honey from the bees and using for human consumption.

  • Beekeeping In Different Areas Of The World

    Many areas in the world are producers of honey and beeswax for medicinal and food purposes. You'll find a lot of beekeeping in the United States, Asia, Africa, and some parts of Europe. Since beekeeping had originated in Europe and had been modernized in the United States, the way it's done is different and the way it's taught is different as well. Yet this is a very interesting way to see how different cultures train someone to do beekeeping as a way of life and part of the culture. The cool thing is that honey is used for mostly food in so many cultures that use it in religious and celebratory occasions when preparing certain concoctions or meals and honey is used to sweeten it. Americans are usually in the business of beekeeping to produce honey for the supermarket and for shipment overseas to markets and countries that don't have beekeeping businesses that is advanced enough to mass produce the necessary amount to ship overseas to stores owned and operated in the United States like Whole Foods Market when they carry specific brands.

  • Acquiring The Bees

    As long as you aren't allergic to bee stings beekeeping is a way for someone who doesn't have a great deal of money and acres of land to take an active role in agriculture. The start up expense of the average hive is approximately $300 per hive (you only need one to get begin with). Once you have purchased a hive it can be kept in a remote corner of your back yard, it is not uncommon to see some suburban homes with a bee hive.

  • Easy Book Binding Printing Choices

    It is easy to print your own books with your personal computer. This will allow you to create personal copies of your own documents and ebooks.

  • A Review Of Easy Book Binding

    Book binding your ebooks is not difficult. You can turn your digital files into something you can take to your favorite easy chair or bedroom and read in a relaxed comfortable position.

  • Book Binding - How To Make Your Own Books

    You can easily produce your own copies of your documents, ebooks, and photos in book form. All it takes is a few simple techniques and tools.

  • Complete Guide to Quilting

    If you've never quilted before, you might be overwhelmed with all of the information available to quilters. One way to get started is to read a complete guide to quilting.

  • Finding Clothes For Your Barbie Doll

    Children love to play with the exquisite little Barbie clothes and the fun accessories that came with each outfit. Close attention was paid to the design and creation of these tiny clothes. Barbie Doll clothes have hems, zippers, minute buttons and even linings. The quality finish of these dolls clothes was achieved by hand finishing.

  • How To Evaluate The Purchase Of A Quilting Machine

    In how to evaluate the purchase of a quilting machine guide, I have taken a simplistic approach to time, costs and payback. There are more scientific models available such as net present value and discounted cash flow but I wanted to provide a quick easy evaluation for those who are considering purchasing a quilting machine and wanted to know how the costs can be evaluated over time and how long it would take to recover the costs incurred.

  • Soap Making Instructions Professional Tips

    Soap making instructions are often very complicated. This article describes the basic soap making instructions in a simple manner.

  • Candles Are Candles - Or Are They?

    Candles are not what they seem. Most don't know they have some toxicity and put carcinogens into the air when burned. Now there's a healthy, non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative

  • Rainy Day Crafts Keep Kids Happy In Any Weather

    Rainy Day crafts and activities are great way to prevent boredom from setting in on gray, wet summer days. Keeping a supply of craft materials on hand will ensure that you always have a fun craft or event prepared to occupy your children in any weather.

  • Crafts Magazine Subscriptions Are Great For Every Crafter

    All over the world, more and more people are starting to do crafts. Most people do them as hobbies, but there are also many who have turned their crafting into a profession. Whether people are knitting, quilting, woodworking, scrapbooking, or doing some other craft, they are getting hooked and wanting to learn more techniques for doing their craft.

  • Digital Photography Vs. Traditional Photgraphy

    Still think traditional photography is the only way to go? Where do you fit into the digital age?

  • The Growth Of Sports Memorabilia

    Sports Memorabilia can be linked back to the early 20th Century. This was when Babe Ruth was more famous than the president. He became the first full-fledged sports icon. He was the equivalent of what Michael Jordan was in the 80s and 90s.

  • Arts and Crafts Style Homes - Making A Good First Impression

    The place to start when making a statement with your home, is at the entrance. The craftsman home exterior invites your visitors into your personal space with a preview of what's in store - and has them looking forward to seeing the inside of your beautiful home.

  • Recycled Craft Projects - Ideas For Making Homemade Crafts Out Of Garbage

    In this day and age, landfills are becoming over filled and anything we can do to help with recycling makes a difference. One great way to recycle is to make homemade crafts using things you would normally throw away. Here are some recycled craft project ideas to help get you started.

  • Dowsing - Fact or Fiction

    Answering the question of whether something is fact or fiction is very hard. The reason being, there are people who believe and then there are those that feel if mainstream science cannot prove it, it must be false. Speaking of dowsing is no different.

  • Fun Things For Teens To Collect

    The teens of today aren't interested in the same old stamp and coin collecting. Teens want to collect something interesting, fun, and cool to show off to their friends. In order to do this, teenagers have to get creative.

  • Treasure Hunting 101

    Buried treasure is everywhere. You can hunt the most precious things of the world without even going far from home. Maybe your idea of buried treasure is a romantic one. You think of a great brassbound chest full of gold and rubies, hidden away by a black-bearded pirate on a lonely stretch of seacoast. There are plenty of such treasures still waiting for someone to find them. To start with, there are fascinating stories about pirate gold, many of which have been handed down to us from the time of the first Queen Elizabeth. Perhaps you would like to think of yourself as a deep-sea diver, dressed in helmet, rubber suit and lead-weighted boots. Under the seven seas are the hulks of hundreds of ships, some of which are known to have been carrying gold, silver, jewels or valuable coins when they sank. Men have spent fortunes in search of these vanished ships. A few wrecked ships have been located, and divers have brought up at least part of the treasures they carried. But most of it is still to be found. Buried treasure is all around us, wherever we live.

  • Captain Kidd's Treasure or Yours?

    On a summer's day in 1795, three sixteen-year-old boys from a fishing village in Nova Scotia rowed out to Oak Island, in Mahone Bay, for a picnic and a swim. After their swim they started to look for a quiet place to lie in the sun. Instead, however, they came on a fascinating hole in the ground and set in motion a search that has been going on ever since for Captain Kidd's buried treasure.

  • Find The Inca's Treasure

    "He is truly a god!" said the Incas of Peru in admiration when the Spanish explorer Pizarro set foot on their coasts during the sixteenth century. For had not their folk tales foretold that a blond, blue-eyed man would come someday to rule over them? And did not Pizarro answer this description?

  • First Spouse Gold Coins - Will the Popularity Endure?

    To date, every coin offered by the US Mint from the First Spouse Gold Coin Series has sold out within hours. With coins scheduled to be released until 2016, many collectors are wondering whether the initial popularity can endure.

  • Baby Knitting Patterns - An Idea for a Special Gift

    Looking in your baby knitting patterns for that treasured gift idea for the baby that may have everything? Here's an idea with some advice of things you should avoid.

  • Handmade Quilts - The Joy and Purpose Of

    The technique of quilting is thought to have originated in Asia. The word quilt comes from the Latin word culcita.

  • How To Make A Hemp Necklace The Hippie Way With Insider Tips And Tricks

    A how to article so that you can start making all your own hemp necklace. Includes all the tips and tricks so that you can make them as quickly and easily as possible.

  • After Using Sirdar Yarn A Yarn Snob No More

    I didn't really notice it at first; it just sort of crept up on me. But, I'd turned into a yarn snob. I found myself only using hand dyed yarn for all my projects and refusing to knit with anything 'down market'. Sirdar yarn showed me the error of my ways.

  • Easy Knitting Patterns - Tips For The Beginning Knitter

    We all know that it's smart to start with easy knitting patterns when you're a beginner. But, frankly, how excited can you get about knitting acrylic potholders? This article will give you a few tips to start knitting happily in no time. You don't have to frustrate yourself with a complicated pattern to make something you can get excited about.

  • Giving Green

    Make all your gift giving an enjoyable experience. Seeing the beginnings of Christmas produce in the high street made me realise that the next couple of months months are going to fly by, as they always do.

  • Top 10 Cross Stitch Tip and Tricks

    Have you ever admired someone's needlework and wondered why it looks so beautiful? Do the colours seem vibrant and the stitches look neat and tidy? If you want to get the most out of your cross stitching projects, just follow these ten simple tips and tricks.

  • Coin History - Aid To Finding & Building Coin Collections With Metal Detectors

    Knowing the history of our coin system can aid a metal detector user in building a valuable coin collection. How many dismes and trimes do you have in your coin collection? Do you know the two coins that you will probably never find with a metal detector?

  • Commercial Embroidery Machines Usher In A New Age In Needlework

    In years past, making embroidered items entailed an unbelievable amount of hard work, patience, and concentration. Thanks to the advancement of technology, most of the difficult stuff has been taken out of this hobby, making embroidery simply a delightful and relaxing activity.

  • Card Making Ideas - How To Use Chalks

    Using chalks for your cards making or scrap booking ideas is a fantastic way of adding extra color to your pages. Chalks can also be used to create shadows or to shade in the edges of torn or ripped paper.

  • How to Solder Silver - Tips for the Complete Novice

    When I was first interested in learning to solder silver, I was very intimidated by the scope of the endeavor not to mention the flame. So I started very small by first learning to solder jump rings closed. I had so much fun that I was hooked.

  • Playing Online Sudoku Can Be Lots Of Fun

    Thanks to the internet you do not have to wait for the newspaper to show up with the next game of Sudoku. Playing online Sudoku is easy to do and you can play for free too. This article explains a few places to do that.

  • Give Color to Your Party With Blue Birthday Invitations

    If your celebrant's favorite color happens to be blue, blue birthday invitations should be part of the planning stage. Blue may be a sad color, but it doesn't have to be if you're going to use it as a birthday theme.

  • Petrol Remote Control Cars

    There are so many people who sit in front of a games control, listen to their MP3 player constantly but people have forgotten there are other types of fun such as Petrol Remote Control Cars.

  • Crochet Fork Or Hairpin Lace Loom - The Larger Hooks Are Needed Today

    It used to be a simple crochet hook, yarn and a pattern was your total supplies if you crocheted. Today we have a much larger selection of crocheting equipment and many are great improvements. But some are just new variations of the old equipment.

  • Free Halloween Family Fun Ideas

    The Internet is a great resource for fun ideas for your family from creating invitations for your Halloween party to decorating your desktop with Halloween images.

  • A Brief History Of Beading

    You started a new hobby, beading. Have you ever wondered where this popular hobby got started? Most human civilizations from ancient eras to the present have practiced beading in one form or another since the the moment an ancient human found a shell or stone with a natural perforation and strung it on a piece of vine to wear around their neck.

  • Convert Your Metal Detecting Hobby over to a Money Making Opportunity

    Turn your hobby into a money making opportunity. In this article we are going to address ways you can use your metal detecting fun into earning some money.

  • Handmade Cards - Hot Trends

    Handmade cards are being hailed as one of the fast growing trends in the greeting card industry right now. There seem to be a number of key words in the handmade category if you're trawling around looking for inspiration. The main keyword is "embellishment". Trends continue to include a mix of materials, metal, glitz and fluff so the answer really is that anything goes. Handmade cards are certainly hot news right now!

  • An Introduction to Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles comprise of a congress of small tiles that are intended to be fitted together in order to generate an image or any structure. Flat jigsaw puzzles normally turn into imitations of photographs or paintings when they are done, and three dimensional jigsaw puzzles could further be used to generate repetitions of well known buildings, boxes, or other unusual shapes.

  • Brawny Breezes Bring Migrants and Triggers Bonanza Bird

    Winds provide near perfect conditions for fall bird migrants. A bird walk to check out and identify sparrow and thrush species. Kicking autumn leaves reveals hidden bird.

  • The Effects Of Hobbies On Our Daily Lives

    Have you ever thought about how your hobby effects your daily life? Sure, you engage in your hobby because you enjoy it. This article outlines just a few of the other benefits you get from your favorite leisure activity.

  • Twenty Best Metal Detecting Relic/Jewelry Finds

    It was 8ft. deep but my metal detector found it. A Confederate soldier's grave marker found in Tarpon Springs, FL at only 3 inches deep. The Market crashed and I found a cache worth thousands! Metal detectors can find unbelievable treasures. See my 20 favorite finds.

  • Twenty Best Metal Detector Coin Finds

    It is possible! You can find ancient coins in your back yard. Metal detecting can produce many very valuable coins that will build great coin collections of all types. See how I found a 69 A.D. coin on a school playground in central Florida.

  • How to Collect Vintage Advertising

    If you love to collect old vintage advertising, then turn to the re-use centers, flea markets, and the internet and even your local paper. A great place to start, is the re-use centers, flea markets, second hand stores, and garage sales.

  • Getting Started Coin Collecting With Your Metal Detector

    Getting started with a metal detector is a real adventure. See how I found 51 pre 1940 nickels on one lot that others missed with their detectors. You can find a lot of treasure and build a valuable coin collection too.

  • Water Metal Detecting For Coin Collecting

    Mother Nature can throw some big curves at the water metal detectorist. See how bad is really good! Discover how "POP" can double or triple your coin and jewelry finds in the water and why the most expensive equipment is not necessarily the best.

  • If You Buy Wood or Lumber Online, Understanding the Structure of the Tree Might Help - Part 1

    Trees are amazing pieces of nature. They stand upright hundreds of feet into the air with such a small footprint, supporting a very large canopy. At the core of this incredible engineering feat is a group of small elongated cells that run parallel to each other along the trunk. Studying the characteristics and growth of these cells can explain much about the wood strength, its overall appearance and the amount of shrinkage to expect in the drying process...

  • The Story A Coin Could Tell

    Selling, bartering, or trading metal detector finds can greatly be enhanced if your coin find could tell its story. Check out the four coin stories here that demonstrate how you can better build your coin collect

  • Faux Finishes with Acrylic Paints

    With the correct paints and the proper methods, you can imitate and duplicate the look of expensive items and surfaces. Simple, inexpensive surfaces can be made to look exactly like granite, marble, wood, metal, and numerous other surfaces. Simple faux finishing techniques can transform the look of your objects. Old can be made to look new, and new can be made to look old.

  • A Treasure Finding Mindset

    Discover three steps that will make you a treasure finder not a treasure hunter. Having the right mindset is even more important than having the best metal detecting equipment. Build your coin collection much faster by following these steps.

  • Cross stitch needles

    Guide about cross stitch needles

  • How to Plan a Gift Basket

    Discover how to make your very own gift basket that will please... Over the years, many stores have made a pretty penny creating gift baskets that satisfy every possible holiday, including a wide range, such as birthdays and anniversaries to baby showers.

  • Beginning Quilters' Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Offers tips to beginning quilters on how to make a better quilt. Outlines common mistakes and gives tips on how to avoid them.

  • Seasonal Changes Bring Bird Feeder Trade Offs

    Every year I feel a little forlorn as I go about the chore of taking my hummingbird feeders down, cleaning and putting them away for the season. Living in Ohio, that time is very near!

  • Coin Collecting Isn't Just For Children

    Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you need to stop collecting coins. If you never collected coins, it is never too soon to start.

  • Calendar Binding Machine Kits - Make The Right Cut

    A home made calendar puts the entire year on a whole new level and places a personal touch on every day. And though it may seem like the whole world is consumed with outside interests, no one can resist the charm and personal effort put into an individually thought out neatly bound personal calendar

  • Soap Making Fragrance

    Learn about soap making fragrances and their relation to soap making. When a consumer goes to a store, the fragrance of the bar of soap is often one of the key elements to the purchase of a specific bar. How does the fragrance go into each bar of soap?

  • How to Improve Membership in a Crafts Group

    Guilds and craft clubs are a wonderful way to share information about your craft and is an enjoyable social time. To get a group started or to help generate more interest in an existing group, prepare a small hand out and a flyer for community bulletin boards.

  • Comparison of Popular Model Train Types and Brands

    Fleischmann trains are made in Germany and are of very high quality. Most of my model trains are British or American. But I do have a few Fleischmann locomotives in both HO and N gauge and they are really superior. They are comparatively expensive in the United States, but well worth the expense.

  • American Flyer Toy Trains - A Tradition in Collecting

    American Flyer is a tradition in the production of toy trains and has been for years. Since the beginning of the 1900's, American Flyer has been producing top-quality toy trains and brought smiles to the faces of millions of people who received them as gifts or heirlooms.

  • Sewing Machines for Home and Business Sewing and Embroidery

    Sewing machines are an ever-popular item to have around the home, and can come in handy when you need to fix an item of clothing or want to do sewing as a hobby. They are not only useful for sewing garments, but the sewing embroidery machines that are currently available can help create some amazing designs also.

  • I Love Toy Trains - A Store for the Young and Old

    New Buffalo serves as home to the infamous I Love Toy Trains, a toy train wonderland that is every child and toy train collector's dream. When you hear the phrase, "I love toy trains," most of the time you wouldn't think of a store dedicated solely to toy trains.

  • Color It Yours

    There are scientific methods for choosing optimal color combinations but if we just look around us, nature offers unlimited color choices for mixing and matching. I always thought that green and blue did perfectly well sitting next to each other. After all, think of trees and sky. Choosing colors for a knitting project that are both pleasing to the eye and in a balanced combination, is usually achieved by artistic instinct or by employing the scientific method of color theory.

  • Wood Turning Tools - Getting Good Ones May be Beginner's Luck

    As wood turning has become more popular in recent years the manufacturers of wood working tools have developed a bewildering array of tools for the wood turner. This already bewildering array has become even more confusing for the beginner than for the experienced turner who has a few special tools that are used all the time. Beginners have yet to discover what direction their turning will take them and what tools to use on the journey. Here are some recommendations to remove the mystery.

  • Turning Green Wood - Wood Turners Do What Other Wood Workers Do Not

    Turning green wood is the forte of the wood turner. Realistically speaking, it is easier for the wood turner to use green wood than for most other forms of wood working. The reasons are simple and the results are spectacular.

  • Wood Turning Projects - Look For Direction

    Wood turning projects become a directive for the beginning turner. Often, a wood worker has an idea in mind for the use of a lathe before acquiring it, usually a table leg of chair rung or two. Once that is done a few simple skills have been gained and the lathe generally has exerted its quite addictive nature. The question is often what to do next.

  • Pricing Your Handmade Jewelry

    Is Your Pricing Right? The Secrets of Selling More Jewelry.

  • Wood Turning - Yesterday's Hobby Today

    Wood working in general is becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world and wood turning one of the fastest growing types of wood working. This is of course in keeping with the growth of leisure time in industrialized countries along with the need to fill that leisure time. As people become less satisfied with pursuits such as watching television and seek productive work with their hands, wood turning has for many become the activity of choice.

  • How And Whys - Quilting Machines

    Quilting creates beautiful pieces that are traditional, elegant expressions of taste and talent. Create your own masterpiece or give the gift of a lifetime.

  • Pieces of Eight - The Reale Story - Part I

    Pieces of Eight are numismatic and literary artifacts. The lore and legend of these coins is dear to the hearts of treasure hunters and those inspired to read about them. They do indeed have a long tale to tell!

  • Washington Money

    What does Washington Money mean to you? This time, it's a different discussion...

  • Sixteen Million Dollars at Four Cents Each

    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing gives the American people a very good return on a four cent investment... the dollar bill. This is one "paper profit" that won't go away anytime soon.

  • Pieces of Eight - The Reale Story - Part II

    Pieces of eight were produced using methods in use for two thousand years. Their rough appearance reflects the edgy circumstances attending their manufacture.

  • Pieces of Eight - The Reale Story - Part III

    The rough appearance of the early piece of eight did not deter its acceptance around the world. This coin was an early example of what we now call "globalization."

  • Create Your Own Custom Matting For Framing

    Do you have an unusual sized picture to frame? Can't find matting in a colour or shape you like? Then it might just be time to make your own. Here are several ideas on how to make your own matting to use when framing pictures or hand crafted pieces.

  • 7 Sure Fire Ways to Mess Up Face Painting Designs

    Do your face painting designs disappoint? If so, make sure you are not making these mistakes when face painting. Follow the simple advice and see an immediate improvement in your face painting designs.

  • 7 Sure Fire Ways to Mess Up Face Painting Designs

    Do your face painting designs disappoint? If so, make sure you are not making these mistakes when face painting. Follow the simple advice and see an immediate improvement in your face painting designs.

  • Phulkari Art of Punjab - A Novel Indian Craft

    Phulkari craft has played a significant role in defining the popular mood of Punjab. The phulkari designing and the scenes displayed on the clothes has been inspiration for various folk songs and other cultural activities. They show the feelings and emotions of the people. Phulkari done garments are exchanged in the familial ties essentially.

  • Silhouette Art - Reverse Glass Painting - With Realism But Add A Touch Of Mystery

    Silhouette art is what i would call a few of the reverse paintings on glass among the work I have done in the last few years, that seem to stand out among the others. The reason being that they are a little on the intense side, while at the same time, the background seems to melt away. Most, but not all of them, were done intentionally in this manner.

  • Collecting an Antique Pocket Railroad Watch

    If you are looking for a retirement or graduation gift, there is no better item than an antique pocket railroad watch. Although some people may not be very familiar with the true value of such an item, it is sure to be appreciated by anyone. The truth is an antique pocket railroad watch is really quite expensive. Nonetheless, there are fairly good reasons why you should spend a bit for such a gift or even consider collecting such a watch.

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