Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Six free crochet patterns for summer: Bikinis and coverups

Summer’s here and that means it’s the perfect time for a new, crochet bikini or swimsuit cover-up. We have found six awesome, free crochet patterns perfect for summer wear. The BermudaBeach Cover Up is pictured first. It is a gorgeous, white mesh crochet dress that is perfect for wear over a bathing suit. The pattern comes from Anno Designs and is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.
The next pattern is the Crochet Rio Bikini and Coverup. It is a gorgeous, little set that is perfect for those who want to flaunt their figure by the pool or at the beach, while the cover up top gives just a little more coverage to the tummy area. Note, this is not a plus size pattern and only runs in small, medium and large. You can download the free bikini pattern in PDF format.

Next is the Tasseled BikiniTop from Garn studio designs. The pattern uses a gauge in centimeters, and some may want to convert the pattern to inches. Though this may be cumbersome for those new to crochet, the top is just so gorgeous, I had to include it.

The white bikini top withmatching skirt is a certain eye-catcher. Those who want a bit more coverage will feel comfortable with the skirt, while still showing off their sexy curves. This is another Garn studio designs.

The Party by the PoolCover-up, featured in black, runs in sizes from XS to 5XL. It’s a hooded jacket and you may find yourself in love with this free pattern and embellishing on it. You could easily increase the length if you choose and may find it suitable for more than beach or swimwear. The pattern comes from Caron and is in PDf format.

Our final free crochet pattern is the retro-flair, bathing suit Stripes and a Naughty Air. This was a Circulo pattern and is now hosted on the Internet Archive, Wayback Machine. You could work this bathing suit in a variety of colors to create different looks. While there are three colors of stripes used, you could keep it simple to two colors if you wish. Changing the colors can create a wide array of looks. The boy-shorts, bikini bottoms are back in style, making this retro suit perfect for today’s modern fashion. 

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