Friday, July 06, 2007

Beginning Crochet

Now that you have just completed your first row of chains (your foundation chain) you are really learning to crochet! You are ready to make your second row. Since you chained 51 stitches, (remember you chained 50, then chained 1 more for your turning chain), you will turn your piece and begin crocheting your second row.

To begin, skip the first chain, and insert the hook into the center of the very next stitch. With the crochet hook in the middle of the stitch, wrap the yarn over the crochet hook and draw it through the chain stitch. You will see there are two yarn loops on your crochet hook. Now, you will wrap the yarn around the crochet hook again, and draw the crochet hook (with the yarn ) through the two remaining loops on the crochet hook.

There! You just completed a stitch! This is called the "single crochet stitch" and it is one of the basic stitches that everyone must learn when they learn to crochet.

Next, you will repeat the process for creating the single crochet stitch, and work a single crochet stitch in each stitch until you reach the very last chain stitch.

When you finish working your row, you will chain one stitch, and turn the work, and begin crocheting a row of single crochet stitches across.
Continuing crocheting across the row, and then chain one and turn, and crochet across the next row.

Repeat this pattern until you have a square. Your square should measure 7" provided you used worsted weight yarn and a G hook, but if it doesn't that is ok. This is your first project, and you don't need to worry too much. Just have fun practicing the chain stitch. Next we will discuss how to ensure that your crochet project will be the correct size- Gauge.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Learn to Crochet

The first step in learning to crochet is to hold the crochet hook correctly, and make sure that you choose the correct yarn and crochet hook. First, you should hold your crochet hook in your right hand (these instructions are for right handed people), if you need to learn to crochet and are left handed, reverse the instructions.
Hold the crochet in your right hand and then bring the yarn over the hook to create a slip knot. Carry the yarn over the hook (from the back of the hook to the front) and hold on to it. With the yarn hooked over, draw the yarn through the slip knot and the hook. Now you have created one chain stitch.
To continue crocheting, simply bring the yarn over the hook, and draw the hook through the yarn and the stitch repeatedly. As you continue to make chain stitches, your chain will become larger and larger. When you learn to crochet, this is the first step and it is important that you understand how to make the chain.
Also, you should check to ensure that your chain stitches are even and have the same tension. It is common for beginners to find that some of their chain stitches are large, while others are small. This won't work to create a nice finished project. It is important that when you learn to crochet, that you take the time to practice your tension.
Some people find that when they first learn to crochet, if they adjust the the tension by holding the yarn in the left hand tighter, they can create better chain stitches. Some find that by adjusting the hook, by sliding it through the yarn (over the widest part of the crochet hook), that they can develop the tension needed to create uniform stitches.
When you learn to crochet, your first step will be to make a chain of the required amount of stitches, and then add one additional stitch for your "turning chain".
If you were to needed a chain of 50 stitches, you would chain 51 stitches, then turn and begin working on the next row. Are you ready? Begin by chaining 31 stitches and turn.
Let's move on to the second row.